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Name:Elizabeth Silver
Birthdate:Sep 21, 1993
Location:United States of America
*Mun and muse are both over 21*

Look, my life growing up was normal. Nice family, decent life, home-schooled, boring as hell. And I found that I could get more with what I had, and what I could do with it. Ran away, traveled through Europe, did some illegal things maybe, and met some very interesting people.


Name: Elizabeth Phaedra Silver
Duel citizenship, American and Spanish

Birth Date: September 21, 1993
Height: 5 feet 8 inches
Weight: Unknown, approximate to her height.
Hair Color: Dark brown
Eye Color: Brown

Birthplace: Rota, Spain (US Navy Military Base), family moved to Maryland when she was 5, when her father retired from the military.

Languages: Spanish, Portuguese, English, French, German. Spanish being her first language, English being her primary language

HS: public grade school, then home-schooled from age 9-14, GED at age 15 (96.0 percent),

Parents: Chief Petty Officer James Silver, Deceased 2009, Mrs Ysabette Comorosco-Silver

Other family: None found

Religious Affiliation: non-practicing Catholic

Current Address: Somewhere in Europe, exact address unknown

Criminal History: accused of hacking into Maryland Dept of Education files at age 12 on behalf of a friend - Elvira Hancock, no charges filed. Runaway and non-resident in Europe with falsified Identification and falsified work visa at age 16. Several unsubstantiated reports were filed that she had become familiar with several parkour and free-running groups, becoming more than proficient at that skill.

While in Europe - was a suspect in several burglaries and a number of break ins at various museums and casinos around Europe, however there was not enough evidence to convict, and no charges were filed. Unsubstantiated reports state that Ms Silver was quoted that she did it 'to see if she could'.


Occupation: Thief, Con-Artist, pickpocket. One-time teenage Mistress to a very rich man. Now trying to start up her own security company. And maybe getting into some trouble on the side.


Before the Suit, there Was a Museum, a Comic and a Thief *locked for privacy*

After trying to pickpocket the wrong guy while casing the Louvre, sixteen year old Elizabeth Silver drew the attention of a visiting billionaire, who's attitude and humiliation of the young runaway put him on a crash course with the young thief. Intent on proving that she could, Liz broke into his hotel room, making off with some of his property and leaving a definite mark on the billionaire's psyche. And body. In return, he put all his underworld contacts and skills to use in privately tracking the teen runaway down. After finding her location, he had her drugged and transported to one of his private villas in an undisclosed location in Europe.

That's when the billionaire began the long, arduous, and at times stressful journey toward trying to turn the little villain back toward the right side of the law. He gave her classes on computers and security systems, brought in private, well paid and discrete tutors to teach her computer coding and biometrics; and then others to give her lessons in horsemanship, dancing and other skills of the high-class elite. He taught her how to dress and speak, how to get along in high society. And in time she went from thief, to student, to mistress.

Elizabeth learned everything he threw at her. And she learned well. Some things? Some things she learned too well.

She made some very good investments with his money over the years, and now has quite a comfortable nest egg stashed. It should be enough to keep her out of trouble for years to come - if she could just get over that need she has to pit herself against alarm systems, or find things in other people's pockets.

The writer and the character are both over the age of 21, even though neither of them act like it at times.

Liz is your run-of-the-mill humanoid type, con-artist, pickpocket, car-thief, cat burgler. She can lift her own body weight but is not overly strong. She is extremely agile and quick, but not inhumanly so. She's had years of free-running and parkour practice.

She has an uncanny ability to get into locked spaces, and through security systems; both physical security and computer security systems. If it's locked or has an alarm, she's right there for the challenge. You could say she has gift for it.

She's sneaky, cunning, and intelligent; a con artist who uses her body and her innocent looks to gain any advantage. She's easy to read telepathically, and easy to overpower physically - if you can catch her.
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