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In The End

"In the end
As my soul's laid to rest
What is left of my body
Or am I just a shell?"

The job is decent, all in all. Basically be a girl-Friday for a millionaire. There are worse jobs. It came with benefits, it came with days off (although those have become kind of a rarity, the better she becomes at her job) The perks are cool, her clothing allowance went through the roof. Something about dressing less like a punk rocker and more like an 'office punk rocker' - or something.

"And I have fought
And with flesh and blood I commanded an army
Through it all
I have given my heart for a moment of glory
(I gave it all)"

Her boss is not bad for an older guy; but he's really not her type. Not that he's not hot for an older guy, he actually is. And he goes without shirts often enough, she can catch a glimpse of muscles in the back seat as she drives him around. But... nah. Short-haired business type. Not her deal. Fortunately for her, he hasn't bothered to ask too many questions about her past or who she is, where she came from. And he doesn't ask what she does on her days off, which she really appreciates.

"Born a saint
But with every sin I still wanna be holy
I will live again"

Because on her days off she is out practicing how to break into his cars, and she's practicing pickpocketing on the subways and the train stations Getting the wallets and jewelry off her 'marks' are easy. It's putting everything back without getting noticed that's the fun part of the challenge. And she's touring the casinos and museums, plotting out how she could - and would - take down their security systems. Hey, everyone needs a hobby. And for her, it's not a hobby, it's an actual gift. She can look at a camera and just tell where the wires go. She can look at security system and she just knows how to make it better. Or how to tear it apart. And weirdly enough, she's gotten a LOT better since she started working for Ashley.

"Who we are
Isn't how we live we are more than our bodies
If I fall I will rise back up and relive my glory"

On a scale of one to awesome, he's a pretty decent guy. And he lets her use his cars when she's not driving him around. Which is something she decided to take advantage of this morning when this new monster was delivered to his garage. Sucker is a 2015 Audi RS7 convertible, and oooh my god. She went on line to look that monster up, and from what she could see it cost him at least 115 thousand easy. EASY. The US version only went to 179 miles an hour. This was obviously the European version.

"In the end
As you fade into the night (oh whoa oh oh)
Who will tell the story of your life (oh whoa oh oh)
And who will remember your last goodbye (oh whoa oh oh)"

And how does she know that? Because Lizzy is pushing the needle to floor and going faster than that easy. Good thing she's had experience with rocket-freaking-cars before, isn't it? Across the empty desert highway, she has the music seriously blasting out of the 14 Bose surround-sound speakers as she is pressed back into the honeycomb leather seats.
And she is singing at the top of her lungs to the song that she keeps putting on 'repeat'. If Ashley had by chance put a GPS unit in the car, she doesn't know it. And if she has accidentally pocket-dialed someone while out driving?

Well - oops?

'Cause it's the end and I'm not afraid
I'm not afraid to die

Not afraid
I'm not afraid to die
No not afraid
I'm not afraid to die!