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"You heard me Tony."

"I did, but I'm not certain that I believe you. Of all the things that you could have for your seventeenth birthday, you want that?"

"A woman. For the night, the whole night. Someone about my size and shape. Only with blonde - no - red. Red hair? Yes, red hair. And I want you to get her for me."


"Yes, I'm serious. Absolutely." She twisted around from where she was sitting at her vanity and brushing her hair. The short white silk dress showed off her long legs as she preened for his eyes. She watched as his eyes traveled from the bright red of her toenails all the way up to where the tan skin met white silk.  The heat and intensity on his face could be felt from where she was sitting and it gave her a delicious shiver down her back.  Liz knew he enjoyed looking at her just as much as she enjoyed giving him something to watch. "She can be older, of course. Um, mid-twenties maybe. And experienced in both men and women, and everything that goes with that. And good, she's got to be good at it too."

She turned back, began brushing her hair again as her eyes stared at his face in the mirrored glass.

"And Tony? I want three more things for my birthday." She couldn't tell if he was being simply patient with her, or whether he was truly amused.

"And what might those be, pet?"

"One, she needs to be clean. Two, she needs to be discrete."

"And three?" He prompted when she fell silent.

"Three? You have to sit there and watch us, but you can't touch until we say that you can."

"... I can agree to that."

She gave a smile as angelic as her eyes were wicked. "I thought you could."
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